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IMPERFECT crepe nylon girls ankle socks Vintage 1960s UNUSED summer clothes

IMPERFECT crepe nylon girls ankle socks Vintage 1960s UNUSED summer clothes

One pair of vintage 1960s girls' ankle socks.
Made of crepe nylon.
The colour is white - but this has faded unevenly.
They are FACTORY SECONDS - most of them are stamped IMPERFECT, and on some, the brand name has been obscured by blue cross-hatching.
Patterned border around the tops.
Made in Britain in the 1960s.
These were unsold shop stock from the 1960s, and have been in storage at the shop ever since.
They still have the original pre-decimal price label attached - 1/6 (one shilling and sixpence).
These socks are marked (unhelpfully) as "MEDIUM" .
They are also marked with the corresponding SOCK sizes - this is based on foot length (in inches), and is NOT the same as shoe sizes.
Here is a guide to help you choose the right size.
  • Medium....................Sock size 6" to 7"......................UK shoe size 6 - 11 (children's size)
Please remember that these are very old socks, and they will need to be handled with care.
These socks have never been worn - they are still clipped together in their pairs, with the original shop price labels attached.
They have minor manufacturing flaws.
The original white colour has faded unevenly over the last 50 years or so, as you can see.
These socks are half a century old, and if you wish to wear them, they will need to be hand-washed first.
There is no major damage visible, but there are some minor storage marks, as shown.
The price labels have been clipped to the socks using metal staples - these have rusted, and may leave rust spots on the fabric when you remove them.

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