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Man's vintage separate day collar Choice of style Stiff starched

A vintage day collar, made in the early or mid 20th century, in a choice of styles.
These collars were made in England by Collars Limited.
This company was trading in the early years of the 20th century, and was dissolved in the 1980s.
It is difficult to date vintage collars, but these particular ones were in use up until 1975.
They could have been made at any time from 1900 to 1975.

These are all day collars - they "turn down" all the way round.
Style 62 has gently rounded tips; the others are pointed.
Style 10A rises a little in the middle of the back, to allow easy access for putting the back stud in.
Please click on the style numbers in the drop-down menu to see exactly what each style of collar looks like.
You will need a pair of collar studs to attach the collar to your tunic shirt.

Size: The collar sizes range from 15" to 16 3/4"

The collars were professionally laundered and starched in 1975, but they have not been used since then, and the starch has yellowed just a little with time.
If you need a collar for a theatre costume or similar, it would probably be fine to wear just as it is.
But if it is for normal wear, you will doubtless prefer to have it cleaned before use.

Good used condition.
There are laundry marks, of course.
Most of the collars are in excellent used condition, and are priced at £14.
A few have some worn areas along the fold line. These are priced at £11.


Our Price: £14.00

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