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Tootal tie UNUSED vintage 1950s floral BLUE flowery tebilized cotton RED LABEL

Vintage Tootal tie, several decades old but never used and still in perfect condition.
This tie was unsold shop stock from the 1950s, and has been in storage at the shop for the last half-century or so.
It is in perfect condition, but it will need to be handled more gently than a modern tie.

The little "red label" tag is still sewn onto the front of the tie - on the back of the label is a list of Tootal patent numbers - these patents all seem to be from before the war.

Blue, with floral pattern.

Red quality.
Tebilised cotton.
Made in England.
Wash as wool.

Width...3 1/2 inches...9 cm
Length.. 49 inches....125 cm

This is a vintage item, and it was made in the days when ties were a quite few inches shorter than they are today.
You may find the style unfamiliar at first.


Unused vintage tie, in perfect condition.

Our Price: £20.90

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